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Election Night, an award winning dramedy

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0A politician’s family waits in the green room on election eve – will the speech be a celebration or a concession? The last 350 votes have yet to come in, and the nerves rattle the family into a comic whirlwind of wild theories, long-held secrets, and a revelation that nobody…

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+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0LOGLINE A desperate mother is forced to make a perilous border crossing to save her child’s life. About the photos in this post: Some are screen grabs from “Odessa” film: copyright Ethos Pictures. Some are behind the scenes photos by Michael Rushton : copyright Ethos Pictures. And photo editing…

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A Tricky Treat, an award winning horror comedy

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0“A Tricky Treat” was the first horror comedy I produced and it had a wonderful year run in film festivals. SHORT SYNOPSIS: Vividly gory and uncomfortably playful, the film revels in the shocking fate of a man kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the…

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Bree Does Comedy - the 3

Bree DOES Comedy

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0A comedic web series where a porn star discovers that quitting the porn business to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a comedic actor is not that easy – the comedy world is difficult! Starring the real Bree Olson, the one you may have heard on the Howard Stern Show and more.…

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Odessa Anthony in car

Thx for the Review, Travis Brown!

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0Thankful for this wonderful review about “Odessa”, a short film I produced and acted in.  Link: You smell that in the air right? If not take another sniff (unless you are in Southern California then you may want to consider a gas mask) but yes our friends it’s festival…

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+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0Escaping the past is never smooth.      Silk is the story of Rani (Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo), a middle-eastern woman given away by her family and forced into marriage at age 11.  Now a somber seamstress living in Glendale, California with her husband, Rani encounters a group of…

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this is a test

Spun and 48 Hour Tips

+1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0“Spun” won an Honorable Mention by the Producers Guild of America! 🙂     The Producers Guild of America (p.g.a.) has an annual contest called The Weekend Shorts Challenge (“Competition”).  It has similarities to 48 hour film contests, but this one is nationwide (I’m not sure if there are other nation…

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