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A desperate mother is forced to make a perilous border crossing to save her child’s life.


About the photos in this post: Some are screen grabs from “Odessa” film: copyright Ethos Pictures. Some are behind the scenes photos by Michael Rushton : copyright Ethos Pictures. And photo editing by our writer/producer Doug Johnson.













(Warning: Spoilers).  In a post-apocalyptic, oil-starved future, an American woman (Estrella played by Grace Santos) hires a guide known as a “dowser” (Victor played by Ricky Wayne) to coyote her across the border and through the desert on horseback to a town where stockpiles of the gasoline she desperately needs can be found.  If caught, the two will be shot on sight, but they manage to dodge the heavily-armed border patrol and steal twenty gallons of fuel before heading back to the U.S.  When her guide is shot by a border patrol sniper at the fence, we discover that the country they’ve been in isn’t Mexico, but the sovereign nation of Texas, which has seceded from the union with a monopoly of the mainland’s oil reserves, and after Estrella barely manages to escape on her own through a smuggler’s tunnel (though now with only half the gasoline she came for), we learn that she needed the fuel not for a vehicle, but for a generator that powers the medical equipment which keeps her gravely ill child alive.

TECH NOTESodessa-8-rickygascans

  • Total Running Time: 13 minutes 20 seconds (including credits)
  • Camera: Shot on an Arri Alexa
  • Formats available for screenings: DCP, HDCAM, DVD, Blu-ray Disc
  • Shooting Locations: border of Unites States and Mexico in Texas and New Mexico
  • Completion Date: January 2015



  • “Odessa Makes You Think and Feel.” – Richard Propes, The Independent Critic (
  • Odessa “has a post apocalyptic beauty that can only be rivaled by films like THE ROVER, THE ROAD and of course the MAD MAX franchise.” “Not only do I want to see more of ODESSA I feel that this could be the type of show that could change our way of thought in the future.” – Travis Brown, Horror Movies Uncut (
  • “This taut, gripping, short film horrified me more for its relevant, real-word authenticity …” – Damsals With Chainsaws (
  • “Two very talented main actors take the lead and set the tone for one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while, both Ricky Wayne and Grace Santos work well together and are two fascinating actors to watch.” – The Scream Review (
  • “Aside from its crisp production value, Odessa – a short film mind you – accomplished what the majority of today’s features lack: It made me think, feel, and most importantly, want to explore more of the world the filmmakers and actors created”, says Joe Belcastro of the Florida Film Critics Circle and the Southeastern Film Critics Association, a member of the Gasparilla International Film Festival 2015 Grand Jury. (

odessa-bts-cans  odessa-bts-us


  • Cannes Film Festival Short Corner, Cannes, France

    Grace Santos at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

  • Savannah Film Festival, Savannah, Georgia – Official Selection
  • Hollyshorts, Hollywood, California – Official Selection
  • Gasparilla International Film Festival, Tampa, Florida – Official Selection and Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film
  • Louisville International Film Festival, Louisville, Kentucky – Official Selection
  • Worldfest, Houston, Texas – Remi Winner
  • Plaza Classic, El Paso, Texas
  • Wasteland Film Festival, California City, California – Official Selection
  • Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Official Selection and Winner of Best SciFi Short


DIRECTOR’S STATEMENTodessa-bts-seanandgrace

While developing a very similar project in Canada, based not in Texas, but in the far reaches of the north, Odessa was forwarded to me. I was not only struck by the quality of writing and brilliant economy of the short story, I was struck by the tangibility of the premise.  The world of the script isn’t a post-apocalypse crawling with zombies or hordes of punk rock gangs; it is a vision of the near-future that is entirely possible and all too real.  This was a story to tell.

In addition to the premise, I was really drawn to fact that the protagonist was female, which seems to be rare in the history of this genre.  It wasn’t a female substituted in a male role either, as she has genuine motivations and female attributes.

odessa-bts-stephen1Odessa is many things, a western, an apocalyptic near future sci-fi, a road story, a chase film, and ultimately a family drama.  I embraced the many things it was and melded the choices.  Some moments intentionally harkens epic cinema, other moments have a far grittier documentary inspired approach.  The choices were intended to bring the best out of scenarios, framing the dusty West Texan landscapes in an visually impactful way, while lending a more on the fly approach to acting moments with the purpose of enhancing realism and believability.

In my view the blend of contrasting styles, in combination with edit pace, score, and creative sound design, works to sustain tension and create energy when necessary and tension is a key factor in the film, as is the feeling of release in the end. Ultimately, I was hoping the blend of style choices and inspirations would create a modern sort of film language, one with an eye on the past and one looking keenly to the future.




odessa_board1_turrell odessa_board2_turrell odessa_board3_turrell odessa_board4_turrell




BTS Photo of Producer Andrew Shebay giving Director Sean Michael Turrell a birthday cake right after we wrapped. We shot “Odessa” during Sean’s __th birthday! (Still photographer


Q: Why did you approach Sean Michael Turrell to direct?

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  When I moved from Florida to California, I drove along the US-Mexican border and fell in love with the landscape (I even ended up exploring New Mexico for 4 days instead of just driving through).  I knew “Odessa” would need a director with a great visual style that could capture this beauty.  A couple weeks after I found the script, I attended the Palm Springs International ShortsFest because one of my films was screening there.  There, I watched Sean’s film “Follow”, which lead me to do more internet research on Sean and I came across many of his music videos.  After seeing his short film and music videos, and after meeting him in person at one of the festival parties, I knew he would be perfect to direct “Odessa”.  Then I had to figure out how to convince him to work on an ultra low budget production and with me (someone with few credits).  Again I thank Doug for writing a great script to attract a great director.


BTS photo of Director Sean Michael Turrell, Writer/Producer Doug Johnson, and Actor/Producer Grace Santos conversing between takes in New Mexico.




Q: How did you come up with this script?

A by Writer Doug JohnsonOdessa was written as an exercise through Trigger Street Labs, which is an online community of writers and filmmakers created by Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Brunetti. The writing side of the platform is geared toward features, but once in a while a group will get together and write short scripts that are variations on a theme. This particular anthology was organized by a Welsh writer named David Brough, and the only story criteria were that the script be no more than eight pages, and that it contained a major plot twist that was completely unexpected.  The story world for Odessa was something I’d been mulling over for about a year, but hadn’t come up with a hundred-page storyline that excited me enough to commit to paper. When David told me about his idea, it seemed like the perfect excuse to get off my ass and do somethiodessa-bts-humveeng with that story world. I had no idea where the script would go or who the characters were, just a goal and an obstacle to it. The result was nothing like what I’d thought it would be. I started off writing an action script, but by the time I reached Fade Out, I’d written a drama. Our very sharp producer Grace Santos read the script and opened my eyes to the fact that the post-apocalyptic world of Odessa was the ideal context for a series of overlapping vignettes, and we’re hard at work developing those stories now.


Q: Why did you choose this script to produce?

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  I did not meet Doug in person until the day before the shoot, as he lives in New York and I live in Los Angeles – technology is amazing.  I’ve produced 21 plays and 6 shorts and have been searching for high quality material to finally jump into features and series.  I stumbled across the logline for “Odessa” on and initially thought about passing because the description said it was only a 10 page script.  But the simple logline compelled me to contact Doug to obtain the full script.odessa-12-borderestrella

I fell in love with the story immediately because of the character of Estrella.  Estrella is multidimensional and those are the roles I’m looking for as an actress.  I wouldn’t be believable as a character like Lara Croft, a hot tough chick.  I’m a mother and can identify with moving way beyond my comfort zone and making sacrifices for my child.

Also, the script delivered a compelling, personal drama that touched on the issues of border security and immigration.  Around the same time that I found “Odessa” in June 2013, a university study was released analyzing the trends and demographics of 2,238 people who died in south central Arizona from 1990 to 2012 after crossing the border illegally.  The study made an observation that stuck with me while reading “Odessa”, and comes up again and again in the debates and the news:  “odessa-16-willgraceWe’re missing the point. The answers don’t lie in border security. The answers lie in understanding the economics [that drive migration.]”.  Most of my past projects have touched on a political or social issue.  I’m drawn to those issues – I studied religious studies and law even though I was already a member of AEA and SAG.  I also named my production company Ethos because “character” means more than just an individual, but is also used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.  I look for character driven works and also works that analyze how relationships between characters mime society and society’s ideas.

odessa-7-plateauestrellabinocsFurthermore, the way Doug set up the story-world generates endless possibilities for the development of more characters and dramatic storylines. So I am “forcing” Doug to continue to work with me to develop “Odessa” into a bigger work.  In summary, the script hit so many of my sides and goals: compelling story, great characters, foundation for a series, personal acting goals, my socio-political side, beauty, and so much!  I can’t believe I convinced Doug to work with me!





Q: Why did you approach Andrew Shebay to produce?odessa-bts-andrew

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  There is something about June of 2013:  I found the script, the university study about border security was released, and I attended the Palm Springs International ShortsFest where I met Sean and Andrew.  Andrew told me that he was a Texas based producer, so I mentioned how I’m trying to produce “Odessa” but am not sure if I will be able to film it in Texas (even though the setting is Texas) because of costs.  After the festival we kept in touch and he messaged me once in a while about how great it is to film in Texas and how he knows filming in Texas would be way cheaper than filming in Los Angeles.  He has a pretty enthusiastic personality … everyone has to meet him.  He obtained almost half of the budget, found all the locations, coordinated the production design with Richard and Doug, and fed the cast and crew yummy food!  “Odessa” would not have been made without his charismatic personality pushing everyone along.

Q: Why did you approach David Moscow? 

David Moscow and Grace Santos speaking on a diversity panel at the Santa Fe Film Festival

David Moscow and Grace Santos speaking on a diversity panel at the Santa Fe Film Festival

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  I met him way before June 2013.  We met on set on a 2007 production.  I “made” him become my go-to person for business advice.  He has been in the business for many many years as both an actor and producer and he also has a similar political side to me.  He has such a wonderful personality.

Q: The writer, Doug Johnson, is also a producer? 

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  I hit the jack pot with Doug.  He is not only a writer.  He has worked in post-production for over a decade, passion for story, photoshop/graphic design skills, and makes fake weapons that look so real on the screen.  I didn’t know these things about him when I found his script because his website only advertises himself as a writer.  I have discovered these things little by little through emailing and skyping during the development of the short and series.  I told him he is going to end up being a leading showrunner.  Just wait and you all will see.





Question: What were the character descriptions posted during the
casting process?

  • VICTOR (Lead): Male, age 35-45, Hispanic, coyote with a heart, the man who can find you what you need on the far side of the border fence and will get you there and back for a price. A scavenger and survivor, a resourceful scrapper and pragmatist whose weakness is empathy.odessa-0-character-victor-1
  • SAM (Lead): Male, age 30-40, any ethnicity, tough but smart and caring father/husband who lost his livelihood as a trucker/mechanic when the nation’s oil supplies were cut off.  Now struggling with inability to provide for his family.
  • ELIAS (Supporting): Male, age 6-8 (to play 6), Mixed Race son of Sam (breakdown above) and Estrella (Hispanic mother).  Serious illness keeps him bed-ridden but remains eternally optimistic. The portrait of innocence with a face that lights up a screen. One page part, but an important dramatiodessa-0-character-sam-1c role in final scene of the film / first episode.


Question: How did you get the Cast?

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  Both Ricky Wayne (The Walking Dead, House of Bones) and Will Haze (Banshee, One Tree Hill) have over fifty credits each in film and television, but I actually met them in Tampa, Florida, not Los Angeles.  We attended the Performers Studio Workshop in which Kathy Laughlin CSA taught the Eric Morris Method of Acting.  I sent odessa-12-bordercorradoSean their acting reels and Sean said they are absolutely perfect for the roles.  I feel really blessed that Ricky and Will took the time to fly into Texas for this project when they definitely do not need to add to their credits or acting reels.  They are very talented and giving people.  I cannot say enough about them.  I met Anthony Escobar (Prison Break) through the El Paso Film Commission.  He was accidentally listed as an Assistant Director instead of an actor and I am happy for the mistake.  He knows everything about El Paso filmmaking (the local actors, crew, locations) and was so giving without asking for anything in return.  When I did internet research on him (yes, it appears that I perform a google search on everyone prior to doing business with them), I came across his acting reel.  He is talented so I aodessa-18-sophia2sked Doug to write a role for him.  We met Manny Rubio and Isa Rubio through Anthony.  Our original cast member for the role of Elias booked a bigger project so could no longer work on “Odessa”.  Manny was already working with us and when the casting issue happened at the last minute, we were more than happy to find out that Manny had the cutest actress daughter and it worked perfectly to change the role of the son into a daughter.


odessa-12-borderpatrol1 odessa-12-borderpatrol2sniper odessa-15-willgrace

odessa-bts-rickygrace odessa-bts-willandgrace2 odessa-bts-willgrace1 odessa-bts-willandgrace3





Question: What was your experience working with the crew?

A by Actor/Producer Grace Santos:  Crewing up was difficult since I did not know anyone in odessa-bts-wreckandlorenaEl Paso.  I knew some people in other cities but didn’t realize that Austin was 8 hours away and Dallas was 12 hours away – gosh Texas is a large state!  I first did some internet research to try to find a local El Paso production company that would like to co-produce the film with my company.  When that fell through, I posted ads on the Texas Film Commission website and Craig’s List in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM, and I started calling people in the directory of the El Paso Film Commission.


Our Cinematographer, Stephen, flew in from Toronto with Sean.  They worked together on a seriesodessa-bts-tunnel1 in which they had to move around from city to city.  I joke around that I hired Stephen because I saw Keith Urban on his website.


I found the Art Director Richard Glass through the El Paso County Film Commission directory.  We bonded over the phone because of our love of the stage/theater.


The Costume Designer, Jennifer, contacted me when she saw my post on the Texas Film Commission site.  When I saw that she designed for Director Griff Furst, I had to hire her.  I took an acting workshop with him and know he is very picky about who he hires on his team.  Jennifer and I spoke on the phone and although she is based in Mississippi, she was willing to drive to El Paso for the production because she liked the script so much.odessa-bts-stephen2


I’m not exactly sure how Andrew found our Key Makeup / Key Hair / Costume Supervisor, Ronnie.  I’m just glad he found her.  She and her assistant Henry worked such long hours and helped every department.  I really adore them and keep asking Ronnie to move to Los Angeles.


Our Assistant Director Stefon and Key Grip Eric are my friends from Los Angeles.  I couldn’t findodessa-bts-tracks locals for these roles and I have worked on more than one project with Stefon and Eric and know their work ethic so I felt more secure having them on the team.


Carlos, our Sound Mixer, joined the team a couple hours after we had already started filming.  There was a communication issue with our prior sound mixer.  Carlos was listed on the El Paso Film Commission directory and I am so glad I didn’t freak him out with a panicked 6am phone call.  I’ve found out that things always happen for a wonderful reason … Carlos is more than a sound mixer, he is also an award winning filmmaker, and I can’t wait to collaborate with him on projects.


Some people advise against posting on Craig’s List, but I’ve had pretty great luck finding great people through it.  On Odessa, my “Craig’s List Greats” are Michael Rushton (our Still odessa-bts-stefonPhotographer) and Jamie Medrano (our 1st Assistant Camera).  They are so professional!  And check out their websites to see their talent!


Michael Charsky was not one of our crew members per se.  He is the location manager for Indian Cliffs Ranch and I’m not sure how Andrew found him but I’m glad he did.  Not just because I dig Mr. Charsky’s style (his clothes, hat, boots, beard, pipe, gun, jeep) and the books he reads and listening to his stories about the sets he has worked on.  He totally drilled me about safety on set.  And he provided creative input.  I really appreciate everything he did for us.


I thought finding a local animal wrangler would be difficult because the film commission websitesodessa-bts-shebay did not have anyone listed in El Paso.  Thank goodness for google.  Susie is based in Las Cruces NM, which is just an hour away.  It was important to find someone local because we were very low budget and shipping horses would have been expensive.  Yet we also couldn’t just rent a horse from a local ranch – we had to make sure they were trained for filming.  Safety first!  Susie, her assistants, and her horses are so professional, and I would recommend Susie to anyone.  I don’t know if Susie was thinking ahead or if it was just part of the movie making magic, but one of her assistants, Laura Mandell (an award winning horse riding competition gal) is exactly my size and we had the same hair length.  There was a narrow section on a cliff and Susie strongly argued against me riding the horse there.  It was easily handled with Laura becoming my double.  Also, Susie always provided creative input to Sean and Doug by letting them know how she thinks a horse would react in certain places of the script.odessa-bts-keypa


The rest of the team members are friends of our dear Anthony.  He’s such a great person that he attracts great friends.  Lorena Mojica is one of the best Script Supervisors I’ve worked with.  She was constantly right there, taking notes, pointing things out to Sean right away.  Her twin sister Marisa Mojica is an actress and thought she was just going to be a stand in, but she ended up being a wonderful 2nd AC.  Our PA’s, Arcye Evans, Lucius Morton, Ulises Cosio, Anthony Aguila, Cesar Meza, worked so hard running errands, moving sets, digging holes in the odessa-bts-mcharsky1ground, etc.






Question: How was your experience working on “Odessa”?

A by Art Director Richard Glass:  The one thing I did want to comment on was the cleverness and creativity I saw by all the participants –making something from nothing, or as they say, “takingodessa-bts-mrushton2 chicken shit and making chicken salad”.  It is an amazing thing when a group of artists come together in harmony and cooperation and work together on something, and then God comes down and adds a little more–that little something extra that no one individual can take credit for, yet there it is.  Particularly, when we were at the finish line and Grace gave that wonderful performance next to a cold bed, with lighting wizardry making us think it was daytime, and just enough set dressing to fool the audience completely.  Those are the moments when all the efforts are rewarded, when an artistic triumph happens and you almost pinch yourself in disbelief.  Try and explain it to a non-artist.  For me, those moments are what life is all about.odessa-bts-jaime




Question: How was your experience working on “Odessa”?

A by Costume Designer Jennifer Schreck: I was thrilled when I was brought onto the project.  When the script finally revealed the reason behind Estrella’s journey, I had tears in my eyes. In costuming this project I really had to think on what would make the most sense for each character and getting into their head was my favorite part. The story is gritty and the landscape harsh so it was a fun challenge to get the costuming distressed in such a way that it looked natural and showed the odessa-bts-2ndachardship these characters faced on daily basis. I was able to work closely with the makeup artist and combine our ideas (and pigment dirt) to make sure the makeup and costuming each had the same look and color palette and the overall result looked great on camera.




odessa-bts-crewpic odessa-bts-basecamp odessa-bts-borderpatrol odessa-bts-carlos1 odessa-bts-carlos2 odessa-bts-crane odessa-bts-dig1 odessa-bts-dig2 odessa-bts-eric   odessa-bts-grace1 odessa-bts-grace2 odessa-bts-grace4 odessa-bts-roni2 odessa-bts-roni1 odessa-bts-tunnel2


odessa-ff-hs-01 odessa-ff-giff-23 odessa-ff-giff-17-b odessa-ff-elp-01

odessa-ff-sav-01 odessa-ff-sav-02 odessa-ff-sav-03 odessa-ff-hs-05

odessa-ff-giff-05-b   odessa-ff-giff-01




Director | Sean Michael Turrell

Writer & Producer | Doug Johnson

Producers | David Moscow, Grace Santos Feeney, & Andrew Shebay

Cinematographer | Stephen Chung

Editor | J Deschamps

Music Composer  | Luis Romanos

Cast | Estrella | Grace Santos

Cast | Victor | Ricky Wayne

Cast | Sam | Will Haze

Cast | Agent Corrado | Anthony Escobar

Cast | Sophia | Isa Rubio

Cast | Agent | Manny Rubio

Cast | Border Patrol | Lucius Morton, Cesar Meza, Alfonso Orenday, Ralph Dimauro

First Assistant Director | Stefon L.C.

Art Director | Richard Glass

Costume Designer | Jennifer Schreck

Key Makeup, Hair, Costume Supervisor | Veronica Barajas

Production Sound Mixer | Carlos Corral

Script Supervisor | Lorena Mojica

First Assistant Camera | Jaime Medrano

Second Assistant Camera | Marisa Mojica & Joseline Segovia

Still Photographer | Michael Rushton

Assistant Makeup/Hair/Costume | Henry Castillo

Assistant Costume Design | Phillip Schreck

Set Construction | Black Out Signs

Production Assistants | Arcye Evans, Lucius Morton, Ulises Cosio, Anthony Aguila

Animal Wranglers | Susie Whelpley, Laura Mandell, Lanie Whelpley

Colorist | Ernesto Joven


Mr. and Mrs. Shebay   /   El Paso Film Commission   /   Escobar Ranch   /

Red Sky Ranch and Stella   /   U.S. Border Patrol   /   Linda Isrel and SAG-AFTRA

Indian Cliffs Ranch, Cattleman’s Steakhouse, and Michael Charsky   /

Sunland Park Sherriff’s Office   /   Sierra Blanca Sherriff’s Office

Camera Cranes & Dollies by Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment Inc

Lighting and Grip Equipment by Wooden Nickel Lighting Inc

Arri Alexa and camera support equipment courtesy of Brain Box Cameras

Late Night Cinema

© copyright 2014 Ethos Pictures LLC


STELLA! Our beautiful horse:

odessa-bts-stella2 odessa-bts-stella3 odessa-bts-stellanight

A Tricky Treat, an award winning horror comedy

“A Tricky Treat” was the first horror comedy I produced and it had a wonderful year run in film festivals.

Vividly gory and uncomfortably playful, the film revels in the shocking fate of a man kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids.



“Deliciously vile.” – Fangoria Magazine

“Welcome to the world of A Tricky Treat, an immensely satisfying three-minute short centered around one ill-fated man (Leonard Waldner) who not so willingly encounters a family who invites him into their ghoulishly sentimental Halloween tradition.” – The Independent Critic

“A nasty little ditty that tends to shock, horrify, and make some even gag, but eventually ends on a creepy, funny note.” – The Movie Guys

“Gorey, disturbing, and the payoff is perfect!” – Film Classics Virgin

“A Tricky Treat subverts suburbia better in three minutes than any hackneyed Tim Burton feature.” – Starbust Magazine

“A dainty little treat.” – Horror Movies Uncut

“It does more in the short time given it than some movies do in 90 minutes. It’s visceral, bloody, creepy and has a certain delicious ending that just freaked me out!” – Horror Cabin

“It’s a fun watch, definitely not safe for work… a bloody reversal of a revered Halloween tradition you should avoid eating anything while watching lest you regurgitate it.” – All Things Horror

“A fun, lighthearted and heavily-gored short…The gore is phenomenal and considering the short is only two minutes long this might have the highest ratio of gore to run time I’ve ever seen… And you’re gonna love the TWILIGHT ZONE-esque ending!!” – Zombie Prank



  • Cannes Short Corner, Cannes, France, May 2015
  • Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, July 2015, Official Selection
  • Verona Video Festival, Verona, Italy, July 2015, Official Selection
  • Haunt Faire – Macabre Faire, New York City, August 2015, Official Selection, Winner Best Short, Winner Best Director, Winner Best Editing, Winner Best Special Effects
  • Scream Queen Female in Horror Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, August 2015, Official Selection
  • DragonCon Independent Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia, September 2015, Official Selection, Finalist in Horror Comedy Section
  • Halloween Horror Fest, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Skin Crawler Award
  • Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, Saskatoon, SK, October 2015, Official Selection
  • RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, California, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Best Micro Short
  • Oaxaca Film Fest, Oaxaca, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Special Jury Mention
  • Lund Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Telluride Horror Show, Telluride, Colorado, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Mile High Horror Film Festival, Denver, Colorado, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Screamfest, Los Angeles, California, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Cinetoro Film Festival, Colombia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Multifest, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Montemario Film Festival, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Festival Internacional 4 minutos en Corto, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, Rhode Island, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Morbido Fest, Puebla, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Buried Alive Horror Film Fest, Atlanta, Georgia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Zinema Zombie Fest, Colombia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Bronx World Film, New York, October 2015, Official Selection
  • South Dakota Premiere of Tales of Halloween, South Dakota, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Days of the Dead, Burbank, California, April 2016, Official Selection
  • International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival / Phoenix Film Festival, Phoenix, Arizona, Official Selection





Thank you to Producer/Director/Editor Patricia Chica and Writer Kamal Iskander for letting me join the team.

Patricia Chica, Kamal Iskander, Grace Santos at Screamfest for their film A Tricky Treat    trickytreat-wrapparty-gracepatricia1


Thank you to Special Effects Supervisor Danny McCarthy and the rest of the 800 Lb Guerrilla team:

trickytreat-spfx-1   trickytreat-spfx-2   trickytreat-screengrab-tongue   trickytreat-bts-dannypatricia-1


Thank you to RedLab Digital Toronto:



THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE TEAM (I will upload more pictures soon!)


Leonard Waldner (the victim)
Steve Brewster (the dad)
Andrea Fletcher (the mom)
Keira McCarthy (the daughter)
Marco Reilly (the son)


Directed and Edited by Patricia Chica
Written by Kamal John Iskander
Produced by Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin
Executive Producer: Tara Kurtz
Co-Executive Producers: Morris Umali, Adonai Interiano
Special FX Supervisor: Danny McCarthy & his 800 lb Guerilla team
Visual FX Supervisor: Henry Lipatov, Anton Golovchenko
Director of photography: Imad Rhayem
Production Design: Gabrielle Giraud


Thank you for this review!

Thank you for this review from The Scream Review about “Odessa”!


“Two very talented main actors take the lead and set the tone for one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while, both Ricky Wayne and Grace Santos work well together and are two fascinating actors to watch.”

“There’s a lot of mystery surrounding each character and where they’re going, due to the short timing of the film, but it really pushes us to want to know more about them and their stories. This is most definitely the case for the lead female, Estrella (Grace Santos) who did a brilliant job in her role. When we find out more about her, it’s heartbreaking, emotional and we really think about ‘what would you do in that situation.’”

“The cinematography is already incredible, and there are some really amazing shots throughout.”

Link to full review here:

Odessa (2015)



Great review about “Odessa”

Thank you Richard Propes of The Independent Critic for this Review!




Odessa Makes You Think and Feel


Grace Santos is the focus here as Estrella. Santos avoids histrionics. It seems like she trusts this story to be “enough.” She gets it. She understands it. You can see it in her eyes and her body language and as she speaks Doug Johnson’s sparse yet intentional dialogue. There’s a “What if?” around every corner and Santos captures that unknowing, that fear and that doubt.

It’s anxiety-inducing drama and it makes you think and feel and wonder.

Stephen Chung’s lensing is intimate yet slowly widening, while composer Louis Romanos’s music pulsates with every word and every action. In fact, the entire production crew deserves credit for crafting a film that doesn’t so much come to conclusions as it does make you think about things for yourself.

Odessa. It’s a world that looks so very far away. You know what’s really scary? It’s not.


Link to full review here:



Bree DOES Comedy

A comedic web series where a porn star discovers that quitting the porn business to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a comedic actor is not that easy – the comedy world is difficult!

Starring the real Bree Olson, the one you may have heard on the Howard Stern Show and more.

All 6 episodes of Season 1 of “Bree DOES Comedy” are on our YouTube channel.


Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition 

Check out Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition here:

Check out Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition here:

Bree Olson quits porn and is trying to get her foot in the door of the comedy world. She gets her first audition.

Starring the series regulars: Bree Olson, Kimberly McVicar,  Grace Santos, and guest starring David Brown (also the co-director and editor)


Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv 

Check out Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv here

Check out Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv here

Bree takes the casting director’s advice and is trying an improv class!

Guest starring Guy Stevenson (over 55 episodes of MADtv) and Annika Noelle (Jersey Boys)


Ep 1.3 Bree Does Stand Up 

Let’s see how she does at stand up!

Check out Ep 1.3 Bree Does Standup here

Check out Ep 1.3 Bree Does Standup here

Guest starring Saye Yabandeh, Noel Arthur (The Young and the Restless), Anthony Fanelli (Hand of God)



Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch 

Bree takes a shot at sketch only to meet an unknown enemy.

Check out Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch here

Check out Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch here

Guest starring Madylin Sweeten (series regular from Everybody Loves Raymond) and Jordan Wall (series regular from The Glades)



Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder 

Check out Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder here

Check out Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder here

Looks are everything in this business. Let’s see how Bree handles her new makeunder.

Guest starring Steve Brewster (The Second City TMI)


Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn’t Know 

What should Bree do?

Check out Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn't Know here

Check out Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn’t Know here



Character: Bree – 25, ex-porn star

Bree had no plans on becoming a porn star when she

Bree Olson in Bree Does Comedy An Auditionmoved to LA from Indiana at the age of 18. She wanted to be a comedic actor. But when she read the script for “Swallow My Squirt 5”, and cracked up at the comedy, she knew it was too good to turn down. Then, after the paychecks started rolling in – she couldn’t stop. Plus she found out that sexy women could get whatever they wanted from guys. She’s quit the business, but she still makes money selling porn merchandise on and is obsessed with posting half-naked selfies on Instagram. She also posts pictures of her playing the piano. She has two cats, Dr Sniffles and Princess Netty-Puff, and they have active Twitter accounts. She is very health conscious – she always works out, is a vegan, and doesn’t drink or do drugs. Her hero is her grandmother, who was a concentration camp survivor. Bree’s ex-girlfriend Trisha is a barista at Starbucks, and their relationship ended so badly that Bree only dates men… for now. Bree no longer goes to the Starbucks after she figured out she was being “decaffeinated” – which is when the employees make decaf drinks for the people they hate.

Real Bio:

  • Rachel Marie Oberlin a/k/a Bree Olson (Actor and Producer): Rachel/Bree entered the adult industry in November 2006 and has performed in over 280 adult movies. She appeared on the cover of Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy Magazine. She was named Maxim’s top 12 female porn stars. Bree has made appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Opie and Anthony, The Howard Stern Show, Insomniac with Dave Attell, the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards, The Glass House, and Tosh.0. She is currently in a weekly show at The Second City Hollywood called TMI on Sundays at 7:30pm.


Character: Kim – 30, the shitty smarmy manager

Kim is a manager who will lie, cheat and steal in order to make money off of someone. She is basically a leech. She

Bree Does Comedy Kimberly McVicar Grace Santos Standupcalls herself a “Hands on” manager – but “Hands on” really means “live in” man- ager. She is a leech who bleeds her clients dry then moves on to the next one. Her claim to fame is that she thinks she’s responsible for making Miley Cyrus quit “Hannah Montana” – after shouting at Miley from her car one day. Kim has only slept with one person (when she was 20), but was cheated on by him and has sworn off sex and personal relationships ever since. She has an unflattering style (much the opposite of Bree, who dressed sexy and trendy).

Real Bio:

  • Kimberly McVicar (Creator, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director, Actor): Kim was born in Toronto, Canada, then began touring the USA as a dancer at the age of 10, dancing with artists such as P. Diddy, M.C. Hammer, and re- cently Kid Sister. She has been sponsored by TIMEX, REEBOK, NIKE and POLO SPORT. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has trained with The Groundlings, Second City Hollywood, and Upright Citizens Brigade. She is currently in a weekly show at Second City Hollywood called TMI on Sun- days at 7:30. You can also catch her on Netflix in Dark Horse, Who’s Your Monkey, He’s Just Not That Into You, Immortal Island, Hollows Point, or on Funny Or Die.


Character: Grace – 30, Bree’s obsessed neighbor

Shy and a little quirky; works in IT. From a small town in FL; moved to LA because she was “a small fish in a small

Bree Does Comedy with Bree Olson and Grace Santostown, but now she can be a small fish in a big town.” Grace is Bree’s biggest fan and purposely moved next to Bree (but Bree doesn’t know it). Her obsession with Bree started when Bree said “Hey” to her on the street and made her feel like a somebody. She would do anything for Bree. She has seen (and owns) all of Bree’s movies, and references them all the time. Dresses in anything she thinks Bree would maybe wear but does it all wrong. Maybe a lesbian.

Real Bio:

  • Grace Santos (Producer and Actor):



Coming soon!  I learned so much!




I’m mentioned in Deadline for “Bone Tomahawk” starring Kurt Russell

Just a small mention but thankful.  Link:



Kurt Russell’s ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Lands Deal Ahead Of Fantastic Fest Bow


By Patrick Hipes

August 4, 2015 10:05am


RLJ Entertainment has acquired U.S. and Canadian rights to the Kurt Russell starring Bone Tomahawk, the Caliber Media horror-Western written and directed by S. Craig Zahler. The deal comes ahead of the pic’s world premiere as the closing-night film at Fantastic Fest, the annual genre film showcase that kicks off next month in Austin


The deal marks the first title acquired under the RLJ Entertainment brand after it previously released its theatrical titles under the Image Entertainment brand, which RLJ bought in 2012.


Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Lili Simmon and Richard Jenkins co-star in the pic, which centers on an unlikely team of gunslingers, led by Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Russell), that sets out to rescue settlers from the small town of Bright Hope who are kidnapped by a group of cannibal savages. But their enemy is more ruthless than anyone could have imagined, putting their mission – and survival itself – in jeopardy.


Dallas Sonnier, Jack Heller, and Gregory Zuk of Caliber Media produced and Fyzz Facility’s Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones and David Gilbrey executive produced. The deal was negotiated by CAA, UTA, and Caliber on behalf of the filmmakers and Mark Ward and Grace Santos on behalf of RLJ.


Link directly to the Deadline post:

Kurt Russell’s ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Lands Deal Ahead Of Fantastic Fest Bow



I’m mentioned in Deadline for “Pay The Ghost” starring Nicolas Cage

Small mention but thankful.  Link:



Nicolas Cage’s ‘Pay The Ghost’ Picked Up By RLJ; XLrator Lands SXSW Docu ‘Mateo’

By Amanda N’Duka

August 6, 2015 11:06am


RLJ Entertainment has nabbed U.S. rights to the supernatural thriller Pay The Ghost starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies. Written by Dan Kay and directed by Uli Edel, the film follows Mike Cole (Cage) who reunites with estranged wife (Callies) in search of his young son who disappeared during a Halloween carnival one year prior. In the midst of searching he is haunted by mysterious images and messages and uncovers a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past. The pic will be released in theaters and VOD on September 23. Nicolas Chartier, Craig J. Flores, Ian Levy and Patrick Newall produced, and the deal was negotiated by Voltage and Mark Ward and Grace Santos on behalf of RLJ.


Link directly to the Deadline post:

Nicolas Cage’s ‘Pay The Ghost’ Picked Up By RLJ; XLrator Lands SXSW Docu ‘Mateo’

Thx for the Review, Travis Brown!

Thankful for this wonderful review about “Odessa”, a short film I produced and acted in.  Link:

You smell that in the air right? If not take another sniff (unless you are in Southern California then you may want to consider a gas mask) but yes our friends it’s festival season! While many of you deviants will be heading towards Dallas this weekend for TFW there are plenty of others out that are worth your time. One of those is the Gasparilla International Film Festival and it was announced earlier this week that [Sean] Michael Turrell’s ODESSA won their prestigious Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film. Why should you care ? Well because not only is this a stellar short but it is also a first pitch episode for a possible series. So in the future when you are looking to binge watch a new program on HBO, AMC, Netflix or whatever platform this may end up on you can remember you heard us talk about here at HMU! We have some goodies for you to see from the short including a review from our lead guy in charge Travis Brown.


Usually I look at a short film as a limited experience but from the start I could tell ODESSA was so much more. The backdrop of the film has a post apocalyptic beauty that can only be rivaled by films like THE ROVER, THE ROAD and of course the MAD MAX franchise. ODESSA brings it closer to home and the idea of a separation of Texas from the union is something that ups the realism factor. As beautiful as our world can be there is an underlining of what is to come if we don’t adapt and leave behind our primitive morals and values. ODESSA exploits this to the fullest and draws you into a future where even the free are being held captive by the rules of the land. Not only do I want to seem more of ODESSA I feel that this could be the type of show that could change our way of thought in the future. For those reasons this has to be developed further. ODESSA is a stellar short that leads the viewer on a journey that they will never forget.

4.5 / 5

-Travis Brown (Horror Movies Uncut)


Direct Link to post:



Escaping the past is never smooth.

afi-dww-silk-still-childbride   rani-and-fabric-shrink


Silk is the story of Rani (Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo), a middle-eastern woman given away by her family and forced into marriage at age 11.  Now a somber seamstress living in Glendale, California with her husband, Rani encounters a group of young woman brazen enough to illuminate what life is like outside the confines of her abusive marriage.

No longer willing to spend the rest of her days under the scornful gaze of a man she never loved, Rani seizes a unique opportunity to reclaim the life that was taken long ago when she was forced to become a child bride.

Silk is an original screenplay, written by Catherine Dent & Eyal Alony, and was inspired by the Pulitzer Prize winning photo essay, Too Young to Wed by Stephanie Sinclair.  Catherine Dent is one of eight filmmakers chosen to participate in the prestigious program, the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women (AFI DWW), which has launched the career of many working directors. National statistics published by the Directors Guild of America indicate that only 7% of working film directors are women. The AFI DWW can proudly claim that 25% of its alumna have secured professional directing credits since participating in the program.



Link to trailer:

Link to film:



Total Running Time: 17 minutes

Camera:  Shot on an Alexa Arri


Language:  English

Place of Production: Los Angeles

Genre: Drama

#WomensRights #HumanRights #ChildBrides #ShortFilm #FemaleFilmmakers



silk-festival-palmsprings-1 silk-festival-lasvegas-1

A perk of filmmaking is traveling and film festivals.  Silk brought me to Las Vegas for the first time and my first picture with Elvis and a pink convertible.  🙂  Also my first time at the Palm Springs ShortsFest and more!



(Still Photographer: Christopher Xavier Lozano)

Behind the scenes on our 5th day of shooting with our star Shohreh, 2nd 2nd AD Adi, and PA Melissa

Behind the scenes on our 5th day of shooting with our star Shohreh, 2nd 2nd AD Adi, and PA Melissa, shooting the fabric store scenes in Glendale.


BTS photo from our 1st day at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch to film the flashback Middle East scenes. Our cinematographer Noah and the Arri Alexa camera.

BTS photo from our 1st day at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch to film the flashback Middle East scenes. Our cinematographer Noah and the Arri Alexa camera.


BTS of Day 3, shooting in downtown Los Angeles

BTS of Day 3, shooting in downtown Los Angeles


Our director Catherine Dent and DP Noah Rosenthal working with our colorist Maxine Gervais (colorist of Harry Potter and more!) and Adam Ohl at Warner Brothers.

Our director Catherine Dent and DP Noah Rosenthal working with our colorist Maxine Gervais (colorist of Harry Potter and more!) and Adam Ohl at Warner Brothers.


My 1st time at the famous East West Studios. Working with Catherine and Eyal and our Music Composer Yunxiang Gao, Music Editor Sharon Smith (Mission Impossible and more!), and Music Engineer Joel Iwataki (Iron Man and more!)

My 1st time at the famous East West Studios. Working with Catherine and Eyal and our Music Composer Yunxiang Gao, Music Editor Sharon Smith (Mission Impossible and more!), and Music Engineer Joel Iwataki (Iron Man and more!)


We were blessed to also have Oscar winners Laurent Kossayan (missing from this pic) and Elliot Tyson (Shawshank Redemption and more!) working on Silk's sound! Pic from Silk's premiere.

We were blessed to also have Oscar winners Laurent Kossayan (missing from this pic) and Elliot Tyson (Shawshank Redemption and more!) working on Silk’s sound! Pic from Silk’s premiere.


Our executive producers Steve and Susie Owen (one of the cutest and coolest couples I know!!) flew in from England to the Silk premiere!

Our executive producers Steve and Susie Owen (one of the cutest and coolest couples I know!!) flew in from England to the Silk premiere!


I'm always stuck between Catherine Dent and Eyal Alony talking to me at the same time j/k. I LOVE working with these two beautiful people!!!

I’m always stuck between Catherine Dent and Eyal Alony talking to me at the same time j/k.  Here we are at the Silk Premiere at AFI.  I LOVE working with these two beautiful people!!!


I have to mention how wonderful everyone is outside of work as well.  The way they treated not only me, but my daughter, is so special.  Thankful.

silk-festival-noor2 silk-festival-noor-1b





Producer/Director/Writer     I     Catherine Dent

Co-Producer/Writer     I     Eyal Alony

Co-Producer     I     Grace Santos (f/k/a Grace Feeney)

Executive Producers     I     Manny Johnson

Executive Producers     I     Susie and Steve Owen

Cinematographer     I     Noah Rosenthal

Editor     I     S. Robyn Wilson

Production Designer     I     Shamim Seifzadeh

Music Composer     I     Yunxiang Gao


Rani                                              Shohreh Aghdashloo

Sameer                                       David Diaan

Aida                                             Saye Yabandeh

Tanya                                          Sabrina Perez

Little T                                         Chelsea Rendon

Lobita                                          Lucia Yumay

Young Sameer                         Wesam Keesh

Young Rani                                Liad Machmali

Rani’s Father                             Samir Younis

Rani’s Mother                           Tamar Machmali

Rani’s childhood friends        Hila Machmali

Gabriela Fontanesi

Gina Fontanesi

Sabrina Moradzadah

Amir                                             Harry Elmayan

Hassan                                        Peter Shaker

Yemen Man                              Arpit Shah

Man driving prius                  Weston Quivey

Sports Announcer                   Ezra Knight


Casting Director     I     Lisa Zagoria

Line Producer     I     Angela Sostre

Co-Producers     I     Nikit Doshi and Brian Kirchoff

Associate Producer     I     Jerome Smith

Unit Production Manager     I     Erin Bartnick

First Assistant Director     I     Christy Busby

Second Assistant Director     I     Nathan Kimball and Bola Ogun

2nd Second Assistant Director     I     Adi Dardik


First Assistant Camera     I     Nito Serna and Mark P. Legaspi

Second Assistant Camera     I     Emily Zenk

Camera Prep     I     Nick Bianchi

Steadicam Operator     I     Jens Piotrowski

DIT     I     Alex Grossfeld

2nd Unit Cinematographer     I     Edd Lukes

Still Photographer     I     Christopher Xavier Lozano

Additional Still Photographer     I     Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Camera Assistant     I     Esther Biggs


Gaffer     I     David Hayball

Best Boy Electric     I     Paul Monroe and Andrew Barton

Assistant Lighting Technicians     I     Stephanie Hauser and Inga Mitinyan

Grips     I     Rene Yescas, Alan Tang, and Miao-ju Chien


Costume Designer     I     Gillian Christie

Wardrobe Supervisor     I     Melissa Walker

Head Make-up     I     Jennifer Zide

Key Make-up     I     Laura Monteleone

Key Hair     I     Dana Kelley


Art Director     I     Nicholas Farmer

Graphic Artist     I     Daniel Giron

Prop Master     I     Daniella Algarate

Art Assistants     I     Alfredo Esquerda and Kenji Taniguchi


Script Supervisor     I     Anne Melville

Studio Teacher     I     Amber York

Catering     I     Full Moon Pickels

Craft Service     I     Gary Matosian

AFI Coordinator     I     Avi Quijada

Production Assistants     I     Jill Kantos, Michelle Andrada, Tyler Hohmann,

Arpit Shah, Weston Quivey, and Melissa Goncalves


Digital Colorist     I     Maxine Gervais

Digital Intermediate Producer     I     Adam Ohl

Digital Intermediate Editor     I     Erik Kaufmann

Assistant Editor     I     Yuki Aizawa


Supervising Sound Editor     I     Laurent Kossayan

Re-recording Mixer     I     Elliot Tyson

Assistant Sound Editor     I     Sarah Bourgeois

Foley Artist     I     John Roesch

Recordist     I     Tim Gomillion

Recordist     I     Ryan Cole

Mixed Stage Engineer     I     Bill Stein


Production Sound Mixer     I     Scott Stolz and Mary Jo Devennery

Boom Operator     I     Brandon Huus


Music Supervisor and Editor     I     Sharon Smith

Music Scoring Mixer     I     Joel Iwataki

Cellist     I     Timothy Landauer



Written by: Yunxiang Gao

Performed by: Amy Keys (vocals), Kamil Rustam, Jean Pierre Arguie

Courtesy of: LaChance Music



Anthony Medina     Ari and Henia Alony     Andrew Meyer     Al and Bobbie Meister

Betty Barlotta/Club Tee Gee      Chris and Fred Fahey      Conrad and Bex Green

Cynthia Grainer      Daniel Nordby      Deb Aquila      Donn Cambern      Ellie Brown

The Fontanesi Family      Fred Dent      Geary McLeod      Glen Mazzara

Harris Spylios      Hunter Via      Jeffery Demunn      Jennifer Meister      Jennifer Young

Joan Darling      Kenny Johnson      Keri and Oliver Lieber      Michael Chiklis

Nancy Malone      Rick Rosenthal      Ron Judkin      Ron Schmidt      Shawn Ryan

Stephanie Sinclair      Toni Graphia      Vida Ghaffari      Virgil Hiltz

Kickstarter Contributors!

My Shield Peeps      The Appleton Street Gang      Electric Entertainment      LA Grip

Cast of Dancing with the Stars and ABC/BBC      The Women of the DWW 2012

Salon Mix      Maid in the USA      Teamsters 630      East West Studios

Stacey Robinson and the 20th-Century Fox Sound Department

Digital Intermediate by Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging


Tamara Hahn for the poster design

Bobby Grubic for the Trailer


And of course, thanks SO much to our kickstarter backers!  This project couldn’t happen without you!

Adam Pate, Adam Stephenson, Agnes Plotkin, Alice Lin, Allison Burnett,

Ari and Henia Alony, Amelia Graf, Amelia Weintraub, Ann H Lung,

Anne Magnuson, Annemie Maertens, April Harding, Arthur Hardy, Aviatrix,

Barrett Benton, Barry J McLoughlin, Benton Collins, Bobbie and Al Meister,

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Darien Gee, David, David Patchen, Davide Bertrando, Dawn Cullen Jonas,

Dawn Reavis, Dax Pagan, Deborah A. Carroll, Deborah Krentel, Debra Beadle,

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James Abbott, James Ebner, Jr., James Messer, Janis Wilson, Jason Freelin,

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