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October 2015

Bree DOES Comedy

A comedic web series where a porn star discovers that quitting the porn business to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a comedic actor is not that easy – the comedy world is difficult!

Starring the real Bree Olson, the one you may have heard on the Howard Stern Show and more.

All 6 episodes of Season 1 of “Bree DOES Comedy” are on our YouTube channel.


Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition 

Check out Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition here:

Check out Ep 1.1 Bree Does An Audition here:

Bree Olson quits porn and is trying to get her foot in the door of the comedy world. She gets her first audition.

Starring the series regulars: Bree Olson, Kimberly McVicar,  Grace Santos, and guest starring David Brown (also the co-director and editor)


Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv 

Check out Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv here

Check out Ep 1.2 Bree Does Improv here

Bree takes the casting director’s advice and is trying an improv class!

Guest starring Guy Stevenson (over 55 episodes of MADtv) and Annika Noelle (Jersey Boys)


Ep 1.3 Bree Does Stand Up 

Let’s see how she does at stand up!

Check out Ep 1.3 Bree Does Standup here

Check out Ep 1.3 Bree Does Standup here

Guest starring Saye Yabandeh, Noel Arthur (The Young and the Restless), Anthony Fanelli (Hand of God)



Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch 

Bree takes a shot at sketch only to meet an unknown enemy.

Check out Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch here

Check out Ep 1.4 Bree Does Sketch here

Guest starring Madylin Sweeten (series regular from Everybody Loves Raymond) and Jordan Wall (series regular from The Glades)



Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder 

Check out Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder here

Check out Ep 1.5 Bree Does A Makeunder here

Looks are everything in this business. Let’s see how Bree handles her new makeunder.

Guest starring Steve Brewster (The Second City TMI)


Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn’t Know 

What should Bree do?

Check out Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn't Know here

Check out Ep 1.6 Bree Doesn’t Know here



Character: Bree – 25, ex-porn star

Bree had no plans on becoming a porn star when she

Bree Olson in Bree Does Comedy An Auditionmoved to LA from Indiana at the age of 18. She wanted to be a comedic actor. But when she read the script for “Swallow My Squirt 5”, and cracked up at the comedy, she knew it was too good to turn down. Then, after the paychecks started rolling in – she couldn’t stop. Plus she found out that sexy women could get whatever they wanted from guys. She’s quit the business, but she still makes money selling porn merchandise on and is obsessed with posting half-naked selfies on Instagram. She also posts pictures of her playing the piano. She has two cats, Dr Sniffles and Princess Netty-Puff, and they have active Twitter accounts. She is very health conscious – she always works out, is a vegan, and doesn’t drink or do drugs. Her hero is her grandmother, who was a concentration camp survivor. Bree’s ex-girlfriend Trisha is a barista at Starbucks, and their relationship ended so badly that Bree only dates men… for now. Bree no longer goes to the Starbucks after she figured out she was being “decaffeinated” – which is when the employees make decaf drinks for the people they hate.

Real Bio:

  • Rachel Marie Oberlin a/k/a Bree Olson (Actor and Producer): Rachel/Bree entered the adult industry in November 2006 and has performed in over 280 adult movies. She appeared on the cover of Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy Magazine. She was named Maxim’s top 12 female porn stars. Bree has made appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Opie and Anthony, The Howard Stern Show, Insomniac with Dave Attell, the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards, The Glass House, and Tosh.0. She is currently in a weekly show at The Second City Hollywood called TMI on Sundays at 7:30pm.


Character: Kim – 30, the shitty smarmy manager

Kim is a manager who will lie, cheat and steal in order to make money off of someone. She is basically a leech. She

Bree Does Comedy Kimberly McVicar Grace Santos Standupcalls herself a “Hands on” manager – but “Hands on” really means “live in” man- ager. She is a leech who bleeds her clients dry then moves on to the next one. Her claim to fame is that she thinks she’s responsible for making Miley Cyrus quit “Hannah Montana” – after shouting at Miley from her car one day. Kim has only slept with one person (when she was 20), but was cheated on by him and has sworn off sex and personal relationships ever since. She has an unflattering style (much the opposite of Bree, who dressed sexy and trendy).

Real Bio:

  • Kimberly McVicar (Creator, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director, Actor): Kim was born in Toronto, Canada, then began touring the USA as a dancer at the age of 10, dancing with artists such as P. Diddy, M.C. Hammer, and re- cently Kid Sister. She has been sponsored by TIMEX, REEBOK, NIKE and POLO SPORT. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has trained with The Groundlings, Second City Hollywood, and Upright Citizens Brigade. She is currently in a weekly show at Second City Hollywood called TMI on Sun- days at 7:30. You can also catch her on Netflix in Dark Horse, Who’s Your Monkey, He’s Just Not That Into You, Immortal Island, Hollows Point, or on Funny Or Die.


Character: Grace – 30, Bree’s obsessed neighbor

Shy and a little quirky; works in IT. From a small town in FL; moved to LA because she was “a small fish in a small

Bree Does Comedy with Bree Olson and Grace Santostown, but now she can be a small fish in a big town.” Grace is Bree’s biggest fan and purposely moved next to Bree (but Bree doesn’t know it). Her obsession with Bree started when Bree said “Hey” to her on the street and made her feel like a somebody. She would do anything for Bree. She has seen (and owns) all of Bree’s movies, and references them all the time. Dresses in anything she thinks Bree would maybe wear but does it all wrong. Maybe a lesbian.

Real Bio:

  • Grace Santos (Producer and Actor):



Coming soon!  I learned so much!