A Tricky Treat, an award winning horror comedy

A Tricky Treat, an award winning horror comedy

“A Tricky Treat” was the first horror comedy I produced and it had a wonderful year run in film festivals.

Vividly gory and uncomfortably playful, the film revels in the shocking fate of a man kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids.



“Deliciously vile.” – Fangoria Magazine

“Welcome to the world of A Tricky Treat, an immensely satisfying three-minute short centered around one ill-fated man (Leonard Waldner) who not so willingly encounters a family who invites him into their ghoulishly sentimental Halloween tradition.” – The Independent Critic

“A nasty little ditty that tends to shock, horrify, and make some even gag, but eventually ends on a creepy, funny note.” – The Movie Guys

“Gorey, disturbing, and the payoff is perfect!” – Film Classics Virgin

“A Tricky Treat subverts suburbia better in three minutes than any hackneyed Tim Burton feature.” – Starbust Magazine

“A dainty little treat.” – Horror Movies Uncut

“It does more in the short time given it than some movies do in 90 minutes. It’s visceral, bloody, creepy and has a certain delicious ending that just freaked me out!” – Horror Cabin

“It’s a fun watch, definitely not safe for work… a bloody reversal of a revered Halloween tradition you should avoid eating anything while watching lest you regurgitate it.” – All Things Horror

“A fun, lighthearted and heavily-gored short…The gore is phenomenal and considering the short is only two minutes long this might have the highest ratio of gore to run time I’ve ever seen… And you’re gonna love the TWILIGHT ZONE-esque ending!!” – Zombie Prank



  • Cannes Short Corner, Cannes, France, May 2015
  • Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, July 2015, Official Selection
  • Verona Video Festival, Verona, Italy, July 2015, Official Selection
  • Haunt Faire – Macabre Faire, New York City, August 2015, Official Selection, Winner Best Short, Winner Best Director, Winner Best Editing, Winner Best Special Effects
  • Scream Queen Female in Horror Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, August 2015, Official Selection
  • DragonCon Independent Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia, September 2015, Official Selection, Finalist in Horror Comedy Section
  • Halloween Horror Fest, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Skin Crawler Award
  • Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, Saskatoon, SK, October 2015, Official Selection
  • RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, California, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Best Micro Short
  • Oaxaca Film Fest, Oaxaca, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection, Winner Special Jury Mention
  • Lund Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Telluride Horror Show, Telluride, Colorado, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Mile High Horror Film Festival, Denver, Colorado, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Screamfest, Los Angeles, California, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Cinetoro Film Festival, Colombia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Multifest, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Montemario Film Festival, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Festival Internacional 4 minutos en Corto, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, Rhode Island, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Morbido Fest, Puebla, Mexico, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Buried Alive Horror Film Fest, Atlanta, Georgia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Zinema Zombie Fest, Colombia, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Bronx World Film, New York, October 2015, Official Selection
  • South Dakota Premiere of Tales of Halloween, South Dakota, October 2015, Official Selection
  • Days of the Dead, Burbank, California, April 2016, Official Selection
  • International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival / Phoenix Film Festival, Phoenix, Arizona, Official Selection






Thank you to Producer/Director/Editor Patricia Chica and Writer Kamal Iskander for letting me join the team.

Patricia Chica, Kamal Iskander, Grace Santos at Screamfest for their film A Tricky Treat    trickytreat-wrapparty-gracepatricia1


Thank you to Special Effects Supervisor Danny McCarthy and the rest of the 800 Lb Guerrilla team:

trickytreat-spfx-1   trickytreat-spfx-2   trickytreat-screengrab-tongue   trickytreat-bts-dannypatricia-1


Thank you to RedLab Digital Toronto:



THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE TEAM (I will upload more pictures soon!)


Leonard Waldner (the victim)
Steve Brewster (the dad)
Andrea Fletcher (the mom)
Keira McCarthy (the daughter)
Marco Reilly (the son)


Directed and Edited by Patricia Chica
Written by Kamal John Iskander
Produced by Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin
Executive Producer: Tara Kurtz
Co-Executive Producers: Morris Umali, Adonai Interiano
Special FX Supervisor: Danny McCarthy & his 800 lb Guerilla team
Visual FX Supervisor: Henry Lipatov, Anton Golovchenko
Director of photography: Imad Rhayem
Production Design: Gabrielle Giraud



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