Thx for the Review, Travis Brown!

Thx for the Review, Travis Brown!

Thankful for this wonderful review about “Odessa”, a short film I produced and acted in.  Link:

You smell that in the air right? If not take another sniff (unless you are in Southern California then you may want to consider a gas mask) but yes our friends it’s festival season! While many of you deviants will be heading towards Dallas this weekend for TFW there are plenty of others out that are worth your time. One of those is the Gasparilla International Film Festival and it was announced earlier this week that [Sean] Michael Turrell’s ODESSA won their prestigious Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film. Why should you care ? Well because not only is this a stellar short but it is also a first pitch episode for a possible series. So in the future when you are looking to binge watch a new program on HBO, AMC, Netflix or whatever platform this may end up on you can remember you heard us talk about here at HMU! We have some goodies for you to see from the short including a review from our lead guy in charge Travis Brown.


Usually I look at a short film as a limited experience but from the start I could tell ODESSA was so much more. The backdrop of the film has a post apocalyptic beauty that can only be rivaled by films like THE ROVER, THE ROAD and of course the MAD MAX franchise. ODESSA brings it closer to home and the idea of a separation of Texas from the union is something that ups the realism factor. As beautiful as our world can be there is an underlining of what is to come if we don’t adapt and leave behind our primitive morals and values. ODESSA exploits this to the fullest and draws you into a future where even the free are being held captive by the rules of the land. Not only do I want to seem more of ODESSA I feel that this could be the type of show that could change our way of thought in the future. For those reasons this has to be developed further. ODESSA is a stellar short that leads the viewer on a journey that they will never forget.

4.5 / 5

-Travis Brown (Horror Movies Uncut)


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